Since we mostly work on complete projects centering around a theme, the photo series we produce are suitable both for solo exhibitions as well as for photo books productions.

Currently, we are preparing book projects for the series:

Grimm's Fairy Tales (over 50 scenes)
Bram Stoker's Dracula (ca. 30 scenes)
Bocaccio's Decamerone (ca. 18 scenes)
Edgar Allan Poe's Short Stories (ca. 18 scenes)
Medieval Fabliaux (ca. 16 scenes)
Dante's Inferno (ca. 20 scenes)
Alice in Wonderland after Lewis Carroll (ca. 20 scenes)

Further series already photographed for book and exhibition presentation:

Seven Sins, Seven Virtues
(14 scenes)
(ca. 18 scenes)
Baron von Münchhausen Incredible Stories
(ca. 18 scenes)
Till Eulenspiegel
(ca. 18 scenes)
Life & Suffering of Joan of Arc (ca. 14 scenes)
Commedia dell'Arte
(ca. 14 scenes)
Rops vs. de Roos
(ca. 6 scenes)

Book/Exhibition Projects photographed with youths:
Twilight Light - Twilight Parody
Beauty & The Beast
Affliction Dolls
Mandy, die Mutige Marienkäferin

Large-Scale Panorama Pictures (6 x 2 meter):
by Shakespeare
Wagner's Ring der Nibelungen